About Us

Baptist Healthcare Pvt Ltd., owes its genesis to the sheer brilliance and farsightedness of Mr. Amuthan, whose multi-faceted zeal opened vistas for him as well his business associates.

With improved awareness regarding skin health among the people especially among working women and the younger generation, coupled with the rising disposable income, the Beauty & Personal care market is certainly poised for an exponential growth in the years to come. The Beauty & Personal Care market is expected to grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in the next 5 years, thus ushering to become one of the fastest growing segments in the health care industry.

Considering the immense potential in the healthcare industry especially the cosmetic sector, Baptist Healthcare Pvt Ltd., decided to foray as an active player in it and launched its own brand “TULIA” A Product from Baptist Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., with the unstinted patronage of UBIK Solutions Pvt Ltd. TULIA has an array of products in its basket to boast of - from skincare to hair care to face care to general care items. Baptist Healthcare Pvt Ltd is now set out to nourish and develop its own child (brand), along with that of its peer - UBIK Solutions Pvt Ltd.